Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Take 'em baseline. Run 'em. Ball screen. Fade away. Jump hook. Dunk master flex. The terms that define the game we love. The art work they instill only brings out the very best in creating description and teaching of this most influential team oriented game. How can we improve upon these phrases to make the game more powerful then we could ever imagine? KitKat, a chocolate wafer candy bar that only spells one thing through our media driven minds; Gimme a break.

When you're on the end of a three on one and those three players are coming at you full speed without the ball touching the floor, all you can do is press. Don't worry about the precision of their ability to wear down your lack of hustle, merely take it as a challenge to put forth your 110% and stretch it to 111%. The goal is to put the ball in the hoop, drive the rack, get fouled, and stop the clock to give your guys a chance to rest. That's where KitKat should come in.

This term shouldn't be elevated on the playground or on moments of weakness towards the officials, the term should be elevated during a sense of urgency to project more effort that could be put forth for the entire team.

Think about the commercial, the ingenuity, and creativeness about the commercial the candy bar displayed. "Break me off a piece of that KitKat bar." Break = Run out on the break, get to the hoop, help out your team. The goal of this term shouldn't lazily refer to running a 2-3 zone when the defense needs a break or run iso for the star player to put up an and1 mixtape. KitKat should be running out on the break, driving to the hoop, and being aggressive to assure oneself of getting to the charity stripe.

Life shouldn't be about breaks, it should be about making breaks. KitKat; Earn your break.

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