Monday, September 15, 2014

The Extra Pass

You're open, but somebody has it better. You're path looks clear, but someone else's path is better. The anticipation, the patience, & the motion. All these make the action a lesson to those who understand the game, but it's the purpose that causes it to be the most beautiful part of the game; The Extra Pass.

We don't have to take it, give it away, or even accept it in a part of our game, but those who understand the concept already know more than those that don't.

When I have the ball I generally try to drive the lane, and I have three moves I go toward; kick back out, push for a layup, or step back and fade. I generally fade. I'm a simple player. Those who integrate the style of play where the ball is used as a weapon and they space the floor to get the best possible shot, they make the game easy or so the illusion makes it seem.

There are times where we have an easy bucket in front of us, but we recognize the coverage and anticipate a way out. We make the pass that we know we don't need to make, but it exemplifies that small spark that the game keeps reminding us, there's more than just you.

There's five players on the floor. When all execute a system that doesn't involve a single ego, you see fluidity that rarely is displayed in other facets of life. Selflessness, understanding, sacrifice, awareness, and appreciation. Life lessons all in a split second.

Without the extra pass in life, there's no way we evolve. Our ability to grasp other ideals, opinions, and perspectives would become mute. Our love and respect would wilt, and our surroundings of other ingenuities would become insignificant. Others around us would see us as a great player, but also somebody unwilling to look and take another position. Our simplicity would become exposed, and out flexibility would shrink.

As I run through life, and come across many half-court sets, I hope to find a system that incorporates the extra pass. For it's the purpose, complexity, and beauty of life that I seek. Not the simple, and praise driven way. The extra pass is silent, simple, and grows a much bigger garden than the one great plant over arching the rest. It's simple, yet complex, because those willing to step outside of the glory to give it to others, is something hardly noticed today. Something that doesn't go noticed, doesn't mean it won't improve and make the light brighter in other area's on the court of life.

Make the extra pass.

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